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Beyoncé's​ Tuxedo

Updated: May 23, 2018

A private client recently approached Heights Heritage with a tuxedo worn by the Queen Bey herself in her Love On Top film clip below.

A framer had previously mounted the tuxedo to a board using staples and had painted black paint around the edges, getting some on the tuxedo - this was not standard conservation practice. The client wished for the tuxedo to be cleaned and put on a mannequin to best show off this prized possession.

We began by cleaning the tuxedo to remove as much of the black paint as possible.

After researching Beyoncé's measurements, we ordered a mannequin of similar dimensions. The mannequin was padded to exactly match her measurements and the hands and bust were painted to match Beyoncé's deeper skin tone.

When fitting the tuxedo onto the mannequin it became apparent that the coat had been sinched in at the waist in the video clip. A fine polyester monofilament thread was used to create extra seams at the back and provide additional support to the buttons. The sleeves were loosely ruched at the elbows as if in motion.

A bespoke clear perspex case was fabricated to protect Beyoncé whilst on display in the home.


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